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Our Products

The products listed below is a list of our main products here at Jacket Manufacturing. These are the products that are always in demand and therefore, always being produced.

Metal Lake Signs

Plasma cut metal lake sign with customizable lake, and lake name.


Square Metal Signs

Plasma cut square metal sign with customizable images, text, and text font. Sign can also be spray painted any color.


Wooden Flag

Handmade wooden flag with plasma cut design. Flag is fully customizable from the design, to the colors, to the size of the flag.

yj flag.png

Cutting Boards

Handmade laser engraved cutting board. These unique cutting boards are our best seller here at Jacket Manufacturing and come in a plethora of shapes and sizes! The laser engraved design in the top left of the board is customizable.


Wood Duck Boxes

Laser engraved wooden duck box with a door that can be opened to dress the inside of the box

Duck BVox_edited.png

Cedar Salmon Plank

Laser engraved cedar salmon plank with instructions on the back. Cedar salmon planks are used to infuse an incredible smoked, cedar flavor into grilled salmon.

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