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Limited-Time Products

Limited-time projects are customized projects that we make here at Jacket Manufacturing only while supplies last. Our website is updated weekly so if you see a limited time project that you are interested in, contact us quickly before its sold out!


Laser Engraved Coasters - $40

4 custom laser engraved wood coasters with small strips of exotic ebony wood laced in. Each coaster is 4.75" x 4.75". Customization of laser engraved images is available.

Product Coming Soon...

End grain_edited.png

End Grain Boards - $70

17.5" x 8" Laser engraved cutting board made from end grain wood. End grain wood provides much more strength to the board and resists damage done by knives much better compared to a normal cutting board. Customization of laser engraved images is available.

Seasonal 2x4s - $30

6 laser engraved 2x4s which are painted, and stained. Customization of images and color is available.

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